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Upgrading your retirement plan allows you to avoid or survive the punches life throws at you in retirement.

Retirement Upgrades

Reduce My Key Risks

Maximize My Assets

Asset Protection

Reduce My Key Risks


Remove the Risk of Out Living Your Money


We are living longer and longer.  Longevity multiplies every other risk you face in retirement -- The longer you live...

  • The more likely it is you could run out of money

  • The more you WILL pay in taxes

  • The more you WILL pay in health care cost or experience a high cost health care crisis

  • The more likely it is you WILL experience market volatility or a recession

Adding the Guaranteed Income Upgrade to your retirement plan will knock this risk out and reduce your risk profile across the board. 

Key Risks

Maximize My Assets - Upgrades




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Better Than Bonds

Take Advantage of Rising Interest Rates


Interest Rates are back on the rise.  When interest rates go up, bond values go down -- and its costing you in your investment portfolio... 

  • Bonds, in this environment, lack reliability to produce you income

  • Aren't doing their job to protect your downside in your investment portfolio

  • The 60/40 Modern Portfolio needs updating to better meet your needs

  • Every month that goes by has you leaving easy money on the table

Adding the Better Than Bonds Upgrade to your retirement plan will replace underperforming bonds with guaranteed growth and no risk of loss. 

BONUS:  This upgrade also works with savings accounts and bank CDs that aren't currently earning enough interest.  

Maximize Assets

Protect My Assets - Upgrades

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100% Market Protection

I don't want to see $1 lost in the market


Nearly half of retirees this year expressed concerned that stock market volatility could cause serious economic hardship for them in retirement.  Instead of waiting, some are taking action...

  • Protecting 100% of their retirement investments from a down market or a recession was easy

  • Choosing options that puts their assets in a position to earn when the market goes up but not risking a $1 when the market goes down

Adding the 100% Market Protection Upgrade to your retirement plan will out perform bonds 98% of the time with no risk of losing $1. 

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