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Some things just make sense to start solving before you transition to retirement

Pre-Retirement Solutions

I Need Life Insurance

Retirement Income Booster

Debt Free 4 Life

I Need Life Insurance

Life Insurance Overview

How to use little $$$ to pay for BIG $$$ problems in the future. 

Life Insurance can provide you with financial protection against 3 possible risks over your lifetime.

  • Dying sooner than expected - Replaces your income if you pass away sooner than expected.

  • Getting sick along the way - Allows for early access to the death benefit if you become terminally ill or permanently lose 2 or more Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). 

  • Living longer than expected - Living well into your 80s and 90s is a strong possibility.  Over a 25-30yr retirement, it’s probable that you will experience 2 or more recession events.  The cash value in whole life or universal life insurance can be used to provide financial protection against outliving your retirement income.  Not to mention smart tax advantages. 

Types of Life Insurance

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Universal Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance

Life Insurance

I Need an Income Boost For My Retirement 

Boost Your Retirement Income


For High Earners

It's difficult for high earners to replace their income in retirement.  Due to limitations, traditional retirement plans are typically insufficient...

  • IRAs, 401k, 457, 403b all have limitations on how much income you can contribute each year

  • The more you grow your investments, the higher your tax bill will be in retirement

  • It takes up a lot of your current income to amass the wealth needed to replace your income in retirement

Adding the Income Booster Upgrade to your retirement plan can create the tax free income boost you need to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement.  

Eligibility Criteria

1.   Earn at least $100k a year 

2.  Be between 18-65 years old

3.  Can contribute a minimum of $25k a year for 5 years consecutively

Income Booster

I Want to Be Debt Free 4 Life

Debt Free 4 Life

Pay Back Your Debt the Smartest Way 

Debt payments drag down your assets in retirement.  Carrying unwanted debt into retirement will cost you...

  • Your debt interest compounds at a much higher rate than the stated APR

  • You'll have to draw extra money to make your debt payments, increasing your taxable income levels...double hit to your retirement assets

Adding the Debt Free 4 Life Upgrade to your retirement plan will get rid of your unwanted debt quickly and will keep you debt free the rest of your retirement. 

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