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A Valuable Retirement Report

Discover how getting clarity can make figuring out your retirement decisions easy.

Knowing if your retirement is going to work out for you should not be left to chance.  In one 30-minute Zoom session you'll get a FREE, graded report on the health of your retirement to help you make smart decisions to improve it. 

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Your retirement is like a sailboat
When you know how to assemble the five parts of your retirement, you get a retirement that works.
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The Helm

Learn how to make the right decisions for you. Your retirement will benefit from focused direction.

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Guaranteed Income

The Mainsail

Learn how a guaranteed income gives you a license to spend. Never worry about running out of income.

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The Headsail

Learn how to balance your investments depending on market conditions. You'll benefit from not being over exposed in bad weather.

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Monthly Expenses

The Hull

Learn every other section works together to support your bills and lifestyle.  You'll benefit from knowing your assets are in the most productive state.

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The Keel

Learn how the right amount of insurance keeps your boat from capsizing. You'll sleep better knowing that the if the worst happens you will still be ok financially. 

Your report will show you where your retirement is performing well, where it's not, and give you the next steps to improve it.

How the report works
1. Complete the Short Assessment

The assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete and is designed to give you a clear picture of all the pieces of your retirement and how they interact with each other.

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2. Get Your Report

You'll receive a grade for each of the five parts of your retirement.

3.  Know how to improve your retirement

In addition to your customized report, you'll receive the next steps you can immediately take to improve your retirement.


Your Retirement Is Unique.
To Know How to Figure it All Out, You Need Your Plan.

My Retirement Report is designed to help you discover what's working and not working for you in retirement and provide valuable solutions to make it better. A report will be sent to you when you complete the assessment. You can use the report to see where improvements can be made to give you a more productive outcome. A good retirement should operate like a sailboat. If your retirement is assembled correctly and set up to work efficiently, it should provide you predictable income for your entire retirement and create the stability you need to weather any financial storm. If your retirement is not engineered well or is not optimized, your retirement could capsize and sink. At Sail Through Retirement, we teach that the five parts of their retirement help it sail safely and dependably. The helm represents the captain of your retirement. This can be a single person, or a team effort for joint retirements. The leadership should know what they want their retirement to produce for income and reverse engineer its successful arrival. The mainsail of the sailboat represents the guaranteed income you want to have coming in year-after-year. This income supports your bills and lifestyle. If the income is guaranteed and the right amount, your retirement will always have forward thrust. The headsail of the sailboat represents your investments that are not guaranteed. Your investments should increase your net worth and provide extra spending capability (thrust) to the sailboat. Every retirement has some insurance, how much varies widely. Your insurances are represented by the keel of the sailboat. It is designed to keep the boat from capsizing. While the keel can add extra drag, slowing the sailboat down, it keeps you sailboat upright even in rough seas. The hull of your sailboat represents your monthly or annual expenses. Your hull should be designed in the right proportions to the sails and keel. When the hull is too big, or too heavy, not matter how much wind hits the sails, your sailboat will fail to produce the thrust needed to sail smoothly. Sail Through Retirement’s My Retirement Report Assessment is designed to help you engineer a safe, and dependable sailboat that will sail safely and reliably in any seas. When you are done with the assessment, we will send you a report showing you the strengths and weaknesses of your retirement and offer valuable suggestions on how to improve your retirement outcome based on your input. Enjoy the assessment.

Sailboat Sailing
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