In-Retirement Strategies that...

Take the Financial Worry Out of Your Retirement Years 

Get a practical framework & live coaching you can use to turn the unknown into clarity and assurance. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Create More Certainty

Enjoy Retirement

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Retirement Than Worrying About It

When you are enjoying retirement, you don't have to worry about...

  • Not being able to clearly see all the pieces in play

  • Loosing your retirement to a bear market

  • If you are missing something that will cost you in the future

  • Having the money to pay for a health crisis

  • What's the best way to pay off unwanted debt

  • Outliving your money

You don’t have to spend endless hours trying to figure it all out by yourself.  With Sail Through Retirement, you'll get everything you need to see your retirement clearly-- you’ll know exactly how to position your assets in a more productive state and learn how to maintain it year after year.


The Sail Through Retirement Framework 
Is Right For You, If...


You are between 58 and 70 years old  

You want help sorting out all of the decisions you have to make

You are tired of getting generic one-size-fits-all advice 

You are looking for help beyond investment advice

You want a clear visual of your entire retirement picture

You have $300k or more in retirement savings and investments

We'll show you how to build your retirement like a sailboat.  When you assemble your sailboat correctly it will sail smoothly your entire retirement.  

Sail Through Retirement 
Is as Easy as 1,2,3...  


Take The Assessment

The assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete and is designed to give you a clear picture of all the pieces of your retirement and how they interact with each other.


Become the Captain

There are 5 sections to every retirement. Leadership, investments, guaranteed income, monthly expenses, and insurance. We'll help you master them all.


Enjoy Retirement

You've made it to retirement.  You know the rules, you're confident you made the right adjustments, and now you get to enjoy smooth sailing.

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Discover the Sail Through Retirement Framework

  1. See Your Retirement Clearly

  2. Make Figuring It All Out Easier 

  3. Know What Steps to Take Next

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