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Take the Financial Uncertainty Out of Your Retirement Plan

Giving you the Expertise and Retirement Plan Upgrades you need to create a more comfortable retirement.

PinPoint Solutions

A Great Experience

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Feel Completely Confident

Uncertainty is Your Friend...It's Letting You Know Something Isn't Right

When you discover exactly what's causing the uncertainty and know how to fix it, you too can have...

  • A Comfortable Retirement that's fully upgraded to side-step the key risks life throws your way

  • A Great Experience that meets your goals

  • Complete Confidence, no longer feel uncertain of how it will all work out

Installing the right upgrades to your retirement, replaces feeling unsettled, with feeling completely confident.

Upgrade Your Retirement

Everybody needs something a little different.  Here are four ways I can help you upgrade to a more comfortable retirement. 

Retirement Plan Upgrades

Reduce Your Key Risks

Protect Your Investments

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Maximize Your Underperforming Investments

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Take the Short Assessment

Get Your Report

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Know How to Improve Your Retirement

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Get Insight: My Retirement Report

Pre-Retirement Solutions

I need life insurance -- How to choose the right kind and amount for you

I need a retirement income boost -- How to catch up on your retirement quickly

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I want to be debt free -- How to quickly pay off your debt 

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Free Resources: Upgrade Your Financial Skills 

The Sail Through Retirement Framework

Planning Worksheets

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SMART Retirement - Discover the Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation by Matt Zagula 

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Mike Tyson said it best..."Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face."


Upgrading your retirement plan allows you to avoid or survive the punches that life throws at you in retirement.


You deserve to feel certain your retirement will be comfortable


Hi There! I'm Seth.

Your Caribbean-loving, Army Veteran, financial advisor here to help you build a reliable retirement by giving you the guidance and expert tools you need to create more certainty, avoid costly mistakes, and transform overwhelming launch stress into simple launch success.

Because those hard, long working years of investing (but have you with more questions on how it will all work out)?

They're excellent. Seriously. Your concerns are natural and deserve to have straightforward answers. And they will! 

Which is why I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to build a seaworthy retirement... with zero stress and all the ease. 

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Based in Sanford, NC

Works Remotely with 

Clients Across  

What's It Like Working With Me? 

It's as Easy as 1,2,3...  


I Listen to You

Schedule a call.  I'm going to listen to you and find out what's most import to you.  


Customized Solution

I'm going to develop a customized plan that aligns with your goals and upgrades your retirement.


Get the Problem Solved

I'm going to get to work helping you install each upgrade so can enjoy a comfortable retirement. 

Kind Words From My Clients  

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Discover the Sail Through Retirement Framework

  1. See the Whole Picture Clearly

  2. Make Figuring It All Out Easier 

  3. Know What Steps to Take Next

Your PDF will be delivered to your Inbox

  • Can I schedule an in-person meeting or do you only offer meetings using Zoom video conferencing?
    I only offer Zoom video conferencing and phone call to facilitate client meetings. I currently do not provide in-person meetings. I understand that some people may only want to work with an advisor they meet in-person. If this is you, I am sorry that I am not able accommodate you. I made the decision to work remotely in 2018 for two reason. 1) I am able to help more people across the country and provide an overall more convenient experience. 2) So many of my clients have or will be moving in the future and I am able to provide the same ongoing support and service regardless of which state they move to. I do make exceptions, especially if the complexity of the solution requires in-person meetings (such as the formation of 625 Trusts and Charitable Foundations for high level tax moves). I also do quite a bit of personal travel and make an attempt to meet face-to-face with as many of my clients as I can during my travels.
  • How do I know if an Upgrade will work for me?
    The strategies I use in the upgrades are time tested. Elite retirement planners across the US use them to achieve successful retirement outcomes for thousands of retirees. All the strategies that I use are publicly documented in the book SMART Retirement - Discover the Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation published by ForbesBooks. To download a free digital copy of the book CLICK HERE
  • What is your refund policy?
    Conditional Guarantee 1: 100% refund no questions asked, if you changed your mind and do not wish to continue working with me prior to entering Step 2 - where I get to work designing your customized plan to implement your selected upgrade/s. Conditional Guarantee 2: 100% refund or 100% credit towards another upgrade (your choice)...if we discover in Step 2 that your current plan already has you in a better financial position and implementing the upgrade is not a smart financial move. All Sales are Final When: I am not able to provide a refund on a purchase that does not meet the first 2 criteria. The value I provide is in the custom designed solution delivered to you in Step 2 and includes the strategy, your customized design, and the exact steps to implement it to improve your retirement. Once presented to you, all sales are final.
  • Is SNC Wealth an investment firm?
    No. I am an independent insurance agent that specialized in addressing and solving the major pitfalls and future unknowns that traditional retirement plans avoid, ignore, or fail to solve. I do this by using specially designed life insurance and limited access annuities to achieve the outcomes that address and overcome these common retirement planning gaps. As such, not $1 of your current or future assets will ever be asked to be sent to me or SNC Wealth, held by me or SNC Wealth, or invested by me or anyone else representing SNC Wealth.
  • How is this different than traditional retirement planning?
    This is not comprehensive retirement planning. These upgrades are for you if you already have a plan and want to protect your assets and reduce your risks in retirement. Mike Tyson said it best..."Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Installing one or more upgrades to your retirement plan allows you to avoid or survive getting "punched in the mouth" in retirement.
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